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News General Assembly of The Union of Pastry Making Industries and Cottage Industries of Greece of the year 2009

On Monday of 25 May 2009 the General Assembly the Union of Pastry Making Industries and Cottage Industries of Greece was carried out.

With fundamental objective the ascendant course of the Union and her continuous pastime with running subjects and problems that concern her members but also enterprises of branch of foods, the following reports were made in the General Assembly from the President Mr. Ioannis Lagos;

  1. Continuation of meetings in the Ministry of Growth and the staff officers of Undersecretary Mr Ioannis Bougas or the resolution of problems which occupies the enterprises of foods. Simplification of awarding of vacations of enterprises and release of horsepower. Awarding given to the activity and not to the installation.
  2. Delimitation of the Industrial Park so that the enterprises can be relocated, particularly in Attica with that relocation being subsidised.
  3. Subsidy only of buildings installations (repairs and changes), so that they fill specifications certifications the buildings of existing enterprises that in their majority are old.
  4. Effort of segregation of competences of controlling mechanisms, something that constitutes an enormous problem in the branch of foods. Two or three controlling mechanisms cannot check an enterprise for the same offence and impose separate fines.
  5. An effort is being made to the completion and approval of “Manual of Hygiene for Pastry Products” which is found in the National Conveyor of Examination Foods for the final evaluation and approval.
  6. Divine operation was carried out on 14 June in the Saint Trinity in New Philadelphia in which attended the Administrative Council for the protector of the Union Saint Trinity. Afterwards was offered coffee in adjacent cafe.
  7. The Union begins collaboration in level of top with the Craft-based Chamber of Piraeus aiming at the joint confrontation of problems of enterprises - members.
  8. Intention Exists and research is moving forward in order to be published by the Union of Pastry Making Industries and Cottage Industries of Greece a form on the briefing of members but also enterprises of branch of products consisted of sugar.
  9. The second upgrade of our site is on its way after the first achieved one. Space exists for the projection of all members and their products. For this subject you can be addressed in the Director of office Mrs Fotini Vasilopoulou.
  10. The Union makes open Administrative Councils where some members’ opinions and problems of their company can be heard. Enterprises that are not members are welcome too.

The president

Ioannis Lagos

Secretary General

Vasiliki Christopoulou


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